Five Ribeiras also known as the parish of Nossa Senhora do Pilar is situated in the southwestern part of Terceira Island, is no more than 10 km from the city of Angra do Heroísmo(Unesco world heritage).

The parish was created in 1879 and its name drift of the fact of being crossed by five creeks (ribeiras), that are: Ribeira do Mouro, Ponte, Salto, Ribeira dos Cinco and Ribeira da Praia.

In 1653 the Fort of S. Bartolomeu was created, it served to protect a fishing port that already existed.

In times had an ermida (small chapel) dedicated to Nossa Senhora do Pilar situated at south of the road that binds the Canada da Ribeira do Mouro to the Canada do Pilar, constructed by the Jesuits. It was in this Ermida that the people attended to religious celebrations before the creation of the current parish.

In 1867 it was initiated the construction of the new and current parish, where stones of the old ermida were used to aid the construction. The new Parochial Church was concluded in 1872 and in 1879 the parish became independent.

Lands that were and are still agriculturists, where it was cultivated cereals, especially maize and sweet potato, was disannexed to the parish of Santa Bárbara.

Among some crafts, some were more obvious like farmers, carpenters, blacksmiths, wagon makers and whalers who hunted for a unit of transformation. In the beginning of the XX century the population was not more than 1200 inhabitants.

The main ways of survival were the traditional agriculture and cattle. Beyond these, there was small workshops like locksmiths and mechanics.

The local commerce is constituted mainly by small stores with food products of current consumption, to have a bigger variety of products the majority of the inhabitants has to go to the nearest city.

Cinco Ribeiras

Area (Km2) ................ 11.38
Population (2001) ........... 684
Voters (2001) ............... 506