Junta de Freguesia

It has its headquarters in:

Rua Padre Lourenço da Rocha,38
Cinco Ribeiras
9700-321 Angra do Heroísmo.

The schedule of the office of Junta de Freguesia is, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm.

The main objective is to seek for means that make possible the improvement of life conditions of the population, as well as take care of the infrastructures created in the pass.

Justification of the Heraldic Symbols of Freguesia de Cinco Ribeiras

Brasão Heráldico da Freguesia de Cinco Ribeiras

Ears of Corn

In head, two ears of red corn, with green leaves.
Represent the importance of the freguesia in other times, when the milling of the cereals was done in its mills.

Water fountain

Black water fountain, enhanced in gold, gushing out blue water.
It represents the cultural and built patrimony of the freguesia.


In campaign, a black cow, spotted of the field.
Represents the economic activities, among which it highlights the farming.